December 20th, 2010

I was sincerely unprepared for There is No Good News, a one man show by David Mogolov I caught while hosting Comedy on Tap at the Burren last night. I’ve known David for some years now and I’ve always thought of him as an excellent comedian and writer, but the show he presented far exceeded my expectations of what I thought was going to be a comedic social commentary.


I suppose I should explain.


Alone on stage David weaves a sincere story about… shit… what WAS it about? Advice to his daughter? Advice to us as fucked up liberal twenty something? A commentary on wall street? Yes, he covered these things but they all lead to a story about keeping our chin up and learning from what we’ve done.


He told personal stories. He revisited small life events that happened to him linking one to the next ending at the place where he is now. He walked us through seemingly inconsequential life moments that shaped him into the man he has become. His performance was flawless. His show was 50 minutes and he told stories as both himself and real life character’s he’s come across. His characters were dead on, totally hilarious and true to life. The writing was spectacular – intelligent, direct, and most importantly emotional without being needy. He was funny! Really funny, but I found myself getting a little choked up because after all it’s about the big picture.


Revisiting these old Live Journals is making me think about those small moments that somehow dramatically change out lives without us even realizing. That time the lady bug came to visit me on the 29th floor of my apartment in New York was such a small thing. I thought it was cool – who am I kidding? You know me – I thought it was fucking poetic. On the grand scheme it could make me spout some bullshit that even the most unlikely things can pop up when we least expect it. Years later, it’s made me think about how I really need to appreciate all my little moments. I lived in New York when I was 18 and spent my time moping around depressed about boys. That lady bug is one of my best memories about that year.


I don’t know what I’m doing here, I guess I was just so moved by David’s performance and stories that I wanted to try to sort it out in my head. I’ve got so much going for me: I’m in love, I have a career, I get to perform for audiences that pay to see me… my cat loves the shit out of me. Things are good, even when they suck. I wish I could shake me back then to say that: Things are still good even when they suck.


Thanks for reading.



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