You Guys!

Uh… Guys… I’m FINE. Here’s a little thing you have to know about me, I love to paint a dramatic picture. Yeah things are a little rocky with the Dr. right now but not so much that like, I’m gonna pitch myself off the Tobin. In fact we had a pretty awesome time together yesterday and this morning.

Since yesterday’s post people have asked me (or those close to me) if I’m “ok.”

Yeah guys! I’m totally okay! Promise! So read my blog as a the flowery life lesson that I’m making it and I promise I’ll tell you when things aren’t ok. Or, you know, talk to my therapist.

What have I learned since yesterday? Dunkin Donuts has unsweetened Peach iced tea and its the tits.

Also, the Mountain Goats were unbelievable.


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